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Prospering Bear News Blog

Jan Allen
911, albert pike, bamboozlement, basra, beast of revelation, bible prophecy, bird flu pandemic, bohemia grove society, cfr, chimeras, condoleeza rice, detention camps, dick cheney, diebold, digital ownership of gold, donald rumsfeld, doublespeak, election fraud, end times, evangelical pastors, false flag, fascism, fear, gale norton, george orwell, gold, hymenoplasty, illuminati, imperial presidency, investing in gold, iraq war, jesus christ, jewish temple, john negroponte, kenneth blackwell, leo strauss, london tube bombing, mark of the beast, martial law, media, military propaganda, moral conscience, neocons, new world order, northcom, one world government, orwellism, persecution, police state, propaganda, psy ops, psychological operators, quarantine, secret societies, staged terror event, supremacy of the president, thought crime, torture, vaccinations, verichip, voter fraud, war crime, wealth preservation and management, world army, wtc