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Jan Allen

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The CFR Launches Task Group To Advocte TriLateral Governance Of North America [Nov. 23rd, 2005|03:41 pm]
Jan Allen
The Council On Foreign Relations announced in its October 15th , 2005, press release: Council Joins Leading Canadians and Mexicans to Launch Independent Task Force on the Future of North America that it has launched an independent task force on the future of North America to examine regional integration since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, ten years ago; The Task Force on the Future Of North America will make policy recommendations for the U.S., Mexico and Canada. 

The task force will review five spheres of policy in which greater cooperation may be needed. They are: deepening economic integration; reducing the development gap; harmonizing regulatory policy; enhancing security; and devising better institutions to manage conflicts that inevitably arise from integration and exploit opportunities for collaboration. (1) 

The C.F.R. has long been America’s Secret Government, forming and shaping foreign policy behind the scenes; many cabinet members, vice presidents, ambassadors (2) (3), state department officials and members of Congress have been members of this organization which advocates integration of Body Politic and Commerce into a single cohesive union for world domination. (4)(5)(6)(7) 

The October 15th, press announcement follows on the heels of the signing of the Security and Prosperity Plan for North America, the SPP, by leaders of the North American Governments: Paul Martin of Canada, Vincent Fox of Mexico and George Bush of The United States on March 23, 2005. (8) 

The SPP set out both a Constituion for the governance of North American and an action plan for deep integration of economic and military infrastructure of the three countries. (9) 

The signing of the SPP set in motion a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy found in Revelation Chapter 13, verses 1 through 7 where an end-time Beast System arises having seven heads and ten horns. (10) The seven heads are society’s seven institutions which have been preempted to do evil and error: These institutions are Finance, Commerce and Trade, Media, Body Politic consisting of political alliances, political tribes and political groups, Education, Science and Technology, Military and Religion. The ten heads are the coming ten regions of global governance with the North American Continent to be the first region coming into existence as planned for by the Club of Rome in 1974. (11) 

A striking component of the signing of the SPP is that it took place on a Baptist campus of higher education -- Baylor University; and this with the encouragement of Baylor’s president Steven Sloan who said “It is an honor for Baylor University to host the leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico, here at Baylor, we want to teach our students to serve…..Baylor today had the opportunity to serve on behalf of our country and the world, and it is a tremendous privilege for Baylor to host this trilateral meeting.” (12) 

The signing of the SPP is significant for a number of factors: 
• It drew out Religion and Body Politic as separate but unified heads within the Beast System.
• It placed Baptists and Evangelical Christians under the authority of the Beast by reason of their implied consent and lack of objection. 
• It provided a place neutral for the beginning of a new government – the Trilateral Government of North America. The signing of the SPP was clearly a violation of the U.S. Constitution in as much as the U.S. Senate is supposed to be the sole agent of ratification of treaty agreements. The SPP and now the CFR Task Force On The Future Of North America means sovereign nation states will no longer exist; rather there will be a single trilateral regional government sharing a common North American border which will operate under CFR principles. 

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